The nightclub industry is bigger than ever and it remains the social watering hole for the young and old alike

Good Place

After a long and tiresome week, you need a good place to rest your body and mind. Spending your weekend well will rejuvenate your body for the coming week.


You can’t talk about weekend activities without mentioning bars and clubs. Besides, you don’t have to only experience nightlife in bars and clubs. You can also have daytime activities in bars and clubs that will leave you with experiences you will talk about the whole year. You can enjoy that drink while in the middle of fun with several other people coming for the same reason. In bars and clubs, you can find both soft and hard drinks. You should ensure the drink you love is stocked in that bar and in plenty. 

Happy family is enjoying a ride in rubber kayak and waves are splashing them at tropical ocean water during summer vacation.

few bottles

You don’t want to go there and ask for a few bottles, and then you are told they are out of stock. This will be so heartbreaking for you. Not everyone can drink on an empty stomach, so if you are amongst those who can’t, ensure you will get food in that bar or club.

yourself locked

If you don’t want to find yourself locked up somewhere because you can’t pay your bills, you should choose a bar or club that you can afford. You should know what crowd or the kind of people that goes to that bar or club. This will help you select a bar or club where you will feel comfortable doing anything that makes you happy.

Consider the Prices.

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This can be done by people who are strangers, long-time lovers or friends. This is one of the activities that will give you an experience you can’t forget in a lifetime. Couples are formed from the group, and each person from each couple is asked some planned questions, and the answers are compared with the other person’s answers. This will be your game if you want to laugh your heart out. One person at the table will choose a letter, and the next person will order a drink that starts with that letter, and it goes like that until when someone cannot come up with a drink that starts with that letter or makes any mistake.

More detail


Adults, too, can have fun using a balloon. Players of this game place balloons between their knees while in a line and hopes towards the finishing line.
The players here play using quotes. One person says part of the quote, and any team that completes the quote is given points.
Here, you will not only make fun but also make friendships. Whether you are an artist or a lover of painting work, this will work very well for you.

It will be a fun activity full of learning.


If you burst or lose your balloon, you lose the game. It’s a very fun game that will make you want the day to be long. Local artists will also be amongst the group who will show you how to paint. 


You can also participate in a television watching activity where you can spend the day watching something you don’t always find easily on your screen.

You will be placed in painting groups where you will be given an assignment.